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aw 17


"Close your eyes, see who you really are"

Models: Lea Ehlers
Jah Henare

Photo editing & styling: Greta Menzies

Hair & Makeup: Unna Burch 

change top and mars pants
square long dress
Selfless love dress-Mid
keeper long dress
deepers long dress
keepers mid dress gif
keepers mid dress
new horizon mid-pink
keepers long-skin+indigo
keepers mid dress- pale blue linen
square park mid
change top(hood)+depth shorts
keepers long dress -indigo
deepers shorts- mirage
emerald prism,rock+jupiter shorts
emerald rock+depth shorts
keepers long dress- white
keepers long dress-white
keepers long dress with NK
change top+mars tapered
deepers flair dress
emerald prism top+mars buggy indigo
new horizon long jacket
deepers wide legs-black
keepers dress mid,change top+depth
deepers wide legs
bare shoulder dress
Love Wave dress in black and lilac
bare shoulder dress
keepers long dress skin+indigo
emerald rock+mars buggy
keepers long dress
bare shoulder+depth long skirt
peony long dress
peony long dress
emerald prism top+ blessing wide leg
bare shoulder top+hoodie
peony long dress+emerald rock long
love wave dress
new horizon long jacket
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