aw 20 Kotodama - Power of words

rutilated quartz long+clorite long.jpg

ss 19/20 Let your heart sing your song

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aw 19  I am

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SS 18-19  awaken your consciousness

aw 18  Out of tune 2

SS 17-18 Out of tune

aw 17  Close your eyes, see who you really are

aw 16  

ss 15-16  Kofu seigetsu

aw 14  A view from the window

AW 12  White Magic

aw 15  Space in your pocket

ss 14-15 Morning moon

aw 13  cenote

SS 11/12  No Title

ss 12-13 Sonrisa del cenote


AW 04  

Clothes for people who are

looking for start of the rainbow