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ss 15/16

"Kofu seigetsu" 

Represents the breeze in the sunlight and a bright full moon in the clear sky after rain.

This expression implies a feeling of serenity.

model ; Zoey Radford- Kirsty Bunny Management

hair : Joel Hornell

makeup ; Kendyl Fouhy 

direction : Nadya France White & Yuka

Styling : Nadya France White

melody dress.jpg
melody dress back style.jpg
blackhole jumpsuit.jpg
blackhole jumpsuit back style.jpg
sky long dress.jpg
sky dress side.jpg
comet top+ apollo pants.jpg
comet top+ apollo pants back style.jpg
comet long dress.jpg
comet long dress back style.jpg
comet top+cordelia shorts.jpg
comet mid length dres.jpg
corona mid NS+cordelia pants.jpg
corona long wearing as jacket.jpg
corona long dress.jpg
corona long dress back style.jpg
blackhole long.jpg
blackhole long back style.jpg
black hole shorts..jpg
black hole shorts back style.jpg
asteroid top T+apollo pants.jpg
asteroid dress.jpg
asteroid top+apollo skirt.jpg
asteroid top+apollo skirt back style.jpg
solar dress side.jpg
solar dress.jpg
melody top+cordelia long.jpg
melody top+cordelia long back style.jpg
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