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2018-19 ss           "awaken your consciousness"



Photographer: David James photography

Models:  Freya Priest

George Nelson

Makeup+ Hair : Natalee Fisher

peridot jumpsuits-lilac
peridot jumpsuits-lilac
pyrite top+garnet wide pants -lilac
pyrite top+garnet wide pants -lilac
whisper wide pants- lilac
pyrite top- jute+garnet wide long- l
here mid
howlite mid+larimar pants - jute
peridot shorts-jute
straw hat
aquamarine mid+howlite mid+larimar pants
here long -khaki
whisper shorts+ aquamarine long 1
whisper shorts+ aquamarine long
fluorite long -caper
pyrite dress- caper
coeficient top-caper+amber long
coefisient top+ fluoritelong+amber long
peridot jumpsuits short sleeve-navy
whisper shorts-black
lemrian seed mid+ larimar pants-navy
aquamarine long wave sleeve -black
peridot wide- black
peridot wide-black
kagelou+omoide hats
coefficient dress -white
coefficient dress-white
peridot shorts white
aquamarine top -ivory
aquamarine top-ivory
camp  5
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